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About Grégory Rorive

Creative Direction & Design Expertise

Discover the unique fusion of design and technology that Grégory brings to his creative direction. As a versatile and experienced graphic and UX designer, he produces singular content with a user-centered, omnichannel approach. Grégory is available for freelance work This link will open your default email client and send an email to in his various areas of expertise or for larger projects This link will open your default email client and send an email to with the rest of his team.

Social Media

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Design for a Better World

Design for Equity, Accessibility, & Sustainability

Grégory Rorive is an experienced graphic and UX designer with 10 years of professional experience. He specialises in a user-centered, omnichannel approach to design, bringing together his expertise in graphic design, user experience (UX), and marketing to create unique and engaging content.

Grégory has a range of soft skills that enable him to excel in his line of work. As a creative director, strong leadership, interpersonal skills, creativity, problem-solving, and project management are some of his most essential skills. His ability to communicate effectively, provide constructive feedback, mentor team members, prioritise, plan, and organise work effectively is essential for ensuring successful project delivery.

Grégory is dedicated to using his skills and expertise This link will open a new tab with Grégory’s create designs that promote equity, accessibility, and sustainability. To this end, he uses various tools and techniques to ensure that his designs are both accessible and inclusive. His ethics draw inspiration from the ancient philosophy of stoicism whilst his design philosophy is rooted in timeless design principles. Grégory strives for timelessness over trends.

Beyond Design

Grégory is a passionate advocate for social justice and sustainability. He is committed to promoting human and animal rights, vegetarianism, and voluntary childlessness. Grégory’s empathy and sensitivity to diverse perspectives help him craft inclusive and impactful user experiences. Beyond design, he finds inspiration in exploring new music (with a soft spot for Folk and Indie), independent movies, photography, and drawing.

Kind Words

Grégory has a strong track record of producing high-quality work for notable people and artists including:

  • Agnes Obel,
  • Editors,
  • Girls in Hawaii,
  • Justin Jin,
  • Karl Raats,
  • Lord Huron.

Grégory worked with a few notable brands and companies including:

  • 62TV Records,
  • Birkenstock,
  • EMU Australia,
  • PIAS,
  • Play It Again Sam,
  • Sockwell US,
  • Wichita Recordings.

Caroline Cargnino

“Grégory is a creative and passionate graphic designer. He is a professional you can always count on for quality work, even under tight deadlines. I highly recommend Grégory. He is full of talent and will be a real asset to any company.”

Customer Care, Coretec Energy

Caroline Falleau

“I really enjoyed working with Grégory, he was attentive to my technical needs and brought his artistic touch without any hesitation. Because he is rigorous and organised, working with him was a real pleasure. […] Grégory is constantly looking for improvements. His know-how is constantly evolving, and he doesn’t hesitate to share it either! […] On a more private level, Grégory is a whole person with strong values. […] Grégory is a must-have asset to a company!”

Marketing Manager, IDDUP