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About Grégory Rorive

Grégory Rorive is a knowledgeable and reliable creative with strong ethics. He’s passionate about learning and solving problems with accessible and equitable design.

Contact & Social

Grégory can be contacted by e‑mail for an interview, a quote or for further information.

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Working with Grégory

Grégory is currently available for a full-time contract (after a 10-week notice), contract work, or even collaboration offers. Get in touch.

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Meet the (hu)man behind the design

Graphic Designer…

By day, Grégory is an experienced graphic designer with 8 years of experience. He designs packagings, instruction manuals, web pages, emails, animations and videos.

…to UX Designer

At night, however, Grégory has been studying UX Design to solve people’s problems and help save the planet, no less. Passionate about learning, Grégory followed a few trainings and certificates to that effect, the latest of which is Google’s 6-month UX Design Certificate.

Grégory sometimes works as a freelance, but also enjoys remote and in‑person work. He also happened to be a company partner during his stay in Czech Republic.

His short but accomplished design career gave him the chance to work with fascinating people and artists like Agnes Obel, Editors, Girls in Hawaii, Justin Jin, Karl Raats or Lord Huron. Grégory worked with a few notable brands and companies like 62TV Records, Birkenstock, EMU Australia, PIAS, Play It Again Sam, Sockwell US or Whichita Recordings.

Get personal

Some values he feels strongly about are human and animal rights, vegetarianism and voluntary childlessness. Grégory is a registered organ donor and regular blood donor.

Grégory has a soft spot for independent music, mostly Folk and Indie. He likes reading, photography and ink drawing. Grégory has a keen interest for the Stoicism school of philosophy.


Laurent Nyssen

“Grégory was the best colleague I ever had. He was super creative, productive, reliable and someone I could trust! In addition to his generous personality and maturity, he was above all human and passionate about his work as a graphic designer! The Top!”

Creative Designer & Mentor

Karl Raats

“A designer that understands his design does not live in a vacuum, is a rare thing in and of itself. A designer that knows how to make his work serviceable to your business’ ambitions and dynamics, is nothing short of a singular find… Well, I found such a designer. Grégory is a clear communicator, very knowledgeable, both creative and tidy, very patient and tremendously productive. I recommend him without any reservation whatsoever.”

Creativity Expert, Process Facilitator, Co-Active Coach & Keynote Speaker

Anouchka Lamertz

“Grégory’s extensive technical knowledge, great creativity and aesthetic sensibility make him a brilliant and proactive ally. Furthermore, he handles (unhappy) customers on social media with outmost care and empathy, doing his best to find the solution that suits them best. Grégory is curious by nature and loves to keep up-to-date in his field of expertise but also about a lot of other subjects. […] Grégory is committed to design concepts that serve people and to make his work inclusive. I have no doubt that Grégory will thrive in a stimulating environment that shares his values!”

Product Developer, Lana Allpeak

Cyrielle Marique

“I loved working with Grégory. Thanks to his extensive knowledge, curiosity and creativity, he has a solution for everything. He is also very rigorous and attentive to the smallest details, which greatly facilitates the day-to-day work! He is a whole and passionate person, whom we were lucky to have in our team. Give Grégory a good subject, the right tools and a smile, he will make your dreams come true!”

Project Manager, Epic Agency

Caroline Cargnino

“Grégory is a creative and passionate graphic designer. He is a professional you can always count on for quality work, even under tight deadlines. I highly recommend Grégory. He is full of talent and will be a real asset to any company.”

Administrative Assistant, Lana Allpeak

Caroline Falleau

“I really enjoyed working with Grégory, he was attentive to my technical needs and brought his artistic touch without any hesitation. Because he is rigorous and organised, working with him was a real pleasure. […] Grégory is constantly looking for improvements. His know-how is constantly evolving, and he doesn’t hesitate to share it either! […] On a more private level, Grégory is a whole person with strong values. […] Grégory is a must-have asset to a company!”

Social Media & Community Manager, Extra