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Grégory Rorive’s Resume


Grégory is a Creative Director and Designer known for his innovative integration of design and technology. His strategic omni-channel campaigns have consistently bolstered conversion rates, revenues and customer loyalty for a portfolio of leading brands and businesses. With an empathetic, accessible, and inclusive approach, he continues to deliver impactful and compelling solutions.

Grégory walking through the Frankfurter Goethe-Haus, in Frankfurt, Germany.

On the Side

Brand Strategy & Design

Grégory’s long-term goal in life is to collaboratively build strong brands that benefit small businesses and enhance the resilience of local communities. Are you looking for more than a logo and some social media posts? Say hi!

“Nothing Short of a Singular Find”

“A designer that understands his design does not live in a vacuum, is a rare thing in and of itself. A designer that knows how to make his work serviceable to your business’ ambitions and dynamics, is nothing short of a singular find… Well, I found such a designer. Grégory is a clear communicator, very knowledgeable, both creative and tidy, very patient and tremendously productive. I recommend him without any reservation whatsoever.”

Karl Raats, Creativity Expert, Process Facilitator, Co-Active Coach & Keynote Speaker
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Professional Experience


Creative Director & Production Manager, 2023 — Present

Creation of a comprehensive production and creative workflow for the agency.

Planning, budgeting, and direction of national omnichannel marketing campaigns.

Leadership and guidance of team of three (a Graphic & Motion Designer, a Community Manager & Copywriter, and a Camera Operator & Video Editor).

Conversion of two long-term clients (yearly value: 120,000EUR).

“Creative Leadership & Exceptional Strategic Thinking.”

“I had the opportunity to work with Grégory—a knowledgeable yet humble colleague—during my time at Moustic. We collaborated on various projects where his knack for turning complex ideas into effective communication strategies shone. His unique sense of humour contributed to a rich personal experience. Beyond his design abilities, Grégory proved to be a strategic thinker, elevating our marketing and communication efforts. His meaningful contributions improved both the output of our agency and our internal processes. As a manager, his empathetic leadership style fostered a motivating work environment. I highly recommend Grégory for his creative leadership and exceptional strategic thinking.”

Lionel Halleux, Marketing & Communication Manager, Moustic

Lana Allpeak

Graphic Designer & E-Commerce Manager, 2016 — 2023

(Birkenstock, EMU Australia, Lanaform, Sockwell)

Improved Conversion Rate (+180%), Average Basket Value (+21%), Transactions (+345%) and Revenues (+437%) for the Birkenstock online store.

Implemented automations and newsletters through Mailchimp with, on average, good KPIs: Delivery Rate (99.6%), Open Rate (39.4%), CTR (25.2%), and Unsubscribe Rate (<1%).

Order system automation (ERP, online store, marketplaces) via BeezUP, significantly reduced administrative workload.

“Whole & Passionate”

“I loved working with Grégory. Thanks to his extensive knowledge, curiosity and creativity, he has a solution for everything. He is also very rigorous and attentive to the smallest details, which greatly facilitates the day-to-day work! He is a whole and passionate person, whom we were lucky to have in our team. Give Grégory a good subject, the right tools and a smile, he will make your dreams come true!”

Cyrielle Marique, Project Manager, Epic Agency

“Committed to Inclusive Design”

“Grégory’s extensive technical knowledge, great creativity and aesthetic sensibility make him a brilliant and proactive ally. Furthermore, he handles (unhappy) customers on social media with outmost care and empathy, doing his best to find the solution that suits them best. Grégory is curious by nature and loves to keep up-to-date in his field of expertise but also about a lot of other subjects. […] Grégory is committed to design concepts that serve people and to make his work inclusive. I have no doubt that Grégory will thrive in a stimulating environment that shares his values!”

Anouchka Lamertz, Product Developer, Lana Allpeak

Exotic City

Graphic Designer, 2015

Revitalised the company’s ERP/CRM system, resulting in increased B2B conversions.

Cthulhu Event Management

Partner, Graphic Designer & Community Manager, 2013 — 2014

Relocation to Czechia to manage the agency and the launch of a brand new music festival.

PIAS Entertainment Group

Graphic Designer & Production Coordinator, 2013

Coordination, design and production of artworks for Agnes Obel (DK), Editors (UK), Girls in Hawaii (BE), Lord Huron (US), etc. for the global market.

Design and production of the visual communication for the PIAS Nites music festival, in Brussels and Paris.

Creative, Productive & Reliable

“Grégory was the best colleague I ever had. He was super creative, productive, reliable and someone I could trust! In addition to his generous personality and maturity, he was above all human and passionate about his work as a graphic designer! The Top!”

Laurent Nyssen, Creative Designer & Mentor, Indiandribble
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École Supérieure d’Infographie Albert Jacquard

Graphic and Advertising Communication, 2013

International: Bachelor of Design (B.Des., Cum Laude)
Belgium (FR): Bachelier Professionnalisant (Distinction)
France: Licence (Bac+3, Distinction)

Institut Saint-Luc

Graphic Design, 2010

International: Secondary Education (ISCED3, Cum Laude)
Belgium (FR): Technique de Qualification (CESS, Distinction)
France: BCP (Bac, Distinction)

Training & Certificates

Brand Positioning Strategy


Google UX Design Certificate

Google (In Progress)

Mailchimp Foundations, Marketing & Automation Certifications


Search Engine Optimised Copywriting (SEO)

Raspberry Design

Mobile Video & Advertising

Stratétic / Filmer des Gens

User-Centered Design

IDEO / Acumen

G.D.P.R. & Privacy


Fundamentals of Digital Marketing


Social Media Marketing


Mailchimp & Email Marketing


Colour Management


Creative Retouching

G. Collienne / D. Piccinato


Graphic Design & Communication

Graphic Design

Branding & Identity

Packaging & Editorial Design

User Experience (UX)

Copywriting & Content Marketing

Photography & Creative Retouching

Video Editing & Animation

Strategic Thinking

Brand Strategy

Marketing Strategy

Communication Strategy

Media Planning & Campaigns

Social Media Marketing

Email Marketing

Textual & Visual AI Prompt Engineering

Creative Management

Creative Direction

Creative Team Leadership

Project Management

Accessibility & Sustainability

Accessible Design

Sustainable Processes