Hi, my name is Grégory

I’m a 27 year old Graphic Designer from Spa, Belgium

I enjoy simple, beautiful and meaningful things. As a Graphic Designer I help shaping the stories of diverse and passionate people, labels and artists. I’m always looking for opportunities to learn and make an impactful difference.

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I’m looking for a crew that will challenge my curiosity and creativity

Back in high school, I realised what I wanted to do in life was to create. I genuinely enjoyed Economics, but felt much more like the creative type. For the past five years I’ve been gathering experience and conquering challenges across various industries. I’m constantly on the lookout for creative ways to have a positive impact on people’s life.

“The day we stop lookin’,
Charlie, is the day we die.”

Lt. Col. Frank Slade,
Scent of a Woman, 1992

Through my various experiences (and sometimes failures), I developed great traits and skills. These will benefit your creative team. And despite some social anxiety, I enjoy working with diverse and passionate professionals. It never occured to me however, that I would someday quote Thomas Kail. “I just don’t want to be around negative energy. (…) I don’t want to be around people that are not kind or people that are not thoughtful. I’m not interested in that at all.” I am looking to learn from my peers. Speaking of which: if you happen to run a letterpress or screen printing shop, please —please— get in touch !

I wanna build you up,
brick by brick !

A scene made of 1 LEGO piece, representing a base


Using a human-centered approach, I will get to know you, your audience and your competitors. Then, we can create a strong, consistent and impactful brand.

  • Research
  • Logo Design
  • Brand Guidelines
  • Photography and Studio
  • Typography and Typesetting
A scene made of 2 LEGO pieces, representing a base and a flower pot


Palpable and tangible mediums both create and cultivate a deep and lasting relationship with your audience.

  • Stationary
  • Packaging
  • Books and Magazines
  • Lookbooks and Catalogues
  • Signage
A scene made of 3 LEGO pieces, representing a base, a flower pot and a growing stalk and leaves reaching for the clouds


Take the digital leap with a clear online strategy. Outreach half of the world's population through design and usability best practices.

  • Responsive Web Design
  • Social Media
  • Email Marketing
  • Online Advertising (Google Certified)
A scene made of 4 LEGO pieces, representing a base, a flower pot, a stalk, leaves and a magnificent blooming flower


Research and ideation are the cornerstones of a good design. Finishing touches are what will make it stand out.

  • Colour Management
  • Creative Retouching
  • Marketing
  • Video and Editing


Recently I have been thinking about what I would like to do —as in the Grand Scheme of Life kind of way— and who would benefit from my work. With this in mind, I am looking for new contacts, friends and organisations to improve people’s lives and this portfolio ; because…

“We can talk about making a difference,
we can make a difference,
or we can do both.”

Debbie Millman,
Design Matters

More projects

And now I’m waiting for
the moon to rise…

A scene made of 4 LEGO pieces, representing a base, a flower pot, a stalk, leaves and a magnificent blooming flower

Work Experience

Graphic Designer &

2016 – Present, Lana Allpeak, Belgium
(Birkenstock, EMU Australia, Lanaform, Sockwell)

Graphic Designer &
Web Designer

2015, Exotic City, Belgium

Director, Graphic Designer &
Community Manager

2013 – 2014, Chtulhu Event Mgmt., Czechia

Graphic Designer &
Production Coordinator

2013, [PIAS], Belgium

Graphic Designer Intern

2013, [PIAS], Belgium

A vector drawing of a scene made of 4 LEGO pieces, representing a base, a flower pot, a stalk, leaves and a magnificent blooming flower


G.D.P.R. & Privacy

2018, Belgium

InDesign (EPUB & Misc.)

2017, Belgium

Social Media Courses & Workshops

2016 – Present, Belgium

MailChimp &
Email Marketing

2016, Belgium

Colour Management

2016, Belgium

Photography & Studio

2011 – 2012, Belgium

A faux-sketch of a scene made of 4 LEGO pieces, representing a base, a flower pot, a stalk, leaves and a magnificent blooming flower

Online Specialization

Introduction to Human‑Centered Design

2018, IDEO / Acumen

Online Marketing Fundamentals

2017, Google


Bachelor’s Degree in
Graphic Communication 

2010 – 2013, École Supérieure d’Infographie Albert Jacquard, Belgium

ISCED 3 Degree in
Graphic Design 

2008 – 2010, Institut Saint‑Luc, Belgium


2003 – 2008, Collège Saint‑Remacle, Belgium

A few things you might
care to know about me

Here are a few things you might want to know about me. They might not be relevant, but could help you draw a more accurate portrait of my humble person.

I am married to a lovely Croatian artist. She is great and talented. Together we adopted Miles. Miles is a chocolate labrador retriever named after Miles Davis. His name happens to be an anagram for “Smile”.

I am currently reading David Jury's Graphic Design Before Graphic Designers (non-fiction) and Jack London's The Call of the Wild, White Fang and Other Stories (fiction).

I am a vegetarian ; I don’t go and rub it in people’s faces. The original reason was my lack of taste for meat, but helping the environment doesn’t hurt, does it ?

I actually enjoy typesetting instruction manuals, I have no clue why… I am credited on some vinyls ; some cool releases include (amongst others) Editors’ Formaldehyde.

After working with rockstars, I lived in Czech Republic for a while ; it was great, then it wasn’t… I speak French, English, some Spanish and a wee bit of Croatian.

Like all designers out there, I enjoy freshly brewed coffee. My other interests include melancholic music, good (and sometimes bad) cinema, LEGO bricks and video-games that don’t go “Pew pew!”

This website is a constant work in progress, some sort of evolving prototype living through ideation. Perfectionism can sometimes be your worst enemy.

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